Should Charities Invest in Digital Marketing?

Gabriel Pierce | November 14, 2017 | 0 | Advertising & Marketing

Charities generally fail to reach their goals for a number of reasons, and a lot of this has to do with the charity marketing strategy. Charities that adopt digital marketing can generally have a huge impact on their fundraising targets especially if these charities do not have enough resources to invest in the traditional fundraising campaigns. With the professional charity marketing service UK has, it is possible for charities to cost-effectively drive awareness around their causes, put their story out there, drive more effective donor communications, and also cultivate a two-way donor communications strategy that will navigate to greater impact for the charities.

Charities that recognize the power of investing in professional digital marketing in promoting and broadcasting their messages are generally able to build a solid digital donor base and be able to get donations and funding rolling in. The digital platform allows you to apply several ideas for fundraising that will deliver great results.

Know Your Audience

Knowing the audience that you are targeting is very critical to the success of your UK charity marketing. This is especially important if your charity is cash-strapped and you will have to deliver those punchy messages with high conversion rates since you cannot afford to market indefinitely. A professional charity marketing service UK offers will try to understand your existing donors by carrying out extensive research into their backgrounds including their interests, needs and motivations. A good UK charity marketing strategy should be tailored in such a way that it will help your donors with their decision-making. They can inform and guide on your charity initiatives in order to create clarity and consistency in the messaging.

The UK charity marketing service has experienced a boom in the recent years as many charities recognize the importance of having a solid digital marketing strategy and presence. Some of the strategies that can be adopted by UK charities in order to increase the reach and impact of the efforts include the following:

Encouraging your audiences to share their personal experiences with your charity

Nonprofits can deploy a powerful content marketing strategy where they encourage people to tell their stories on their experiences with the charity in order to inspire new volunteers, supporters, and donors. Storytelling allows people to make personal collections with the charity which humanizes it and enhances its credibility. A professional charity marketing service UK has can bring out your stories and help you in spreading your message through others. These can be in the form of blogs or even videos of experiences with your charity. Click here for Img Marketing

Google Grants

Charities targeting digital donors can take advantage of the Google grants which offers charities up to £6000 of free PPC ad spend every month with Google Adwords. This offers charities a great opportunity to maximize their reach with targeted ads.

Youtube Nonprofit Program

This is another digital marketing opportunity that charities can embrace in order to personalize their messages and widen their reach. Here, charities can get extra benefits such as branding capabilities, more upload capacity as well as call to action overlays on the Youtube videos.  This allows charities to craft a more effective online video strategy.

Responsive websites

Just like businesses, charities also need responsive and well-designed websites in order to enhance the user experience on their websites. Even donors are increasingly using mobile devices of diverse screen resolutions in order to access your content and the website needs to be designed for optimal experience.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps can also help charities to tap into a fast growing smartphone and tablet user base where people are now more comfortable accessing content through iOS and Android apps and not just the traditional browser.

There are other digital marketing techniques that charities can adopt in order to increase their reach and messaging such as SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and powerful content marketing.  Hire a reputable charity marketing service UK has in order to help you in accomplishing your charity goals.

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